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Consumer Units/Fuse Boxes

Do you have a fuse box like this? 

If a fuse blows do you have the correct fuse wire for a repair?
Incorrect fuse wire in a fuse can cause a house fire.

A modern fuse box is easier to reset with reduced hazard to the householder.

 The wires inside a modern fuse box are protected to minimise the risk of shock and the circuit breakers which replace the fuses can be reset without tools.  This is safer for you and by preventing alteration to the level of protection safeguards the house, minimising the risk of fire.



The fuse box below offers a much lower level of protection and safety than a modern one and should be scheduled for replacement.

Do you have a fuse box like this with old style minature circuit breakers or MCBs? These are probably 30 -40 years old  possibly more.

This fuse box originally had six circuit breakers. Why is one missing?  This is probably because they are now obsolete and so replacements cannot be obtained.

These circuit breakers are easy to reset if a fault happens but as they get older may not reset.

The response time to an electrical fault can be too slow to ensure the safety of people. Modern fuse boxes include RCDs which can respond more quickly and also are more sensitive, but a type of circuit breaker is still required.

This old fuse box is still in use in many houses.  If working correctly it will provide fire protection but does not give an adequate level of safety for people and so it may be wise to consider replacement.


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