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Are you looking for reliable, certified Electric Vehicle (EV) charger installations in Rugby, Daventry, Northampton, Kettering, or Warwick? Look no further. At Building, Maintenance, and Electrical LTD, we’re your go-to experts for all your EV charging needs. Our team of fully qualified electricians, NAPIT accredited and OZEV-compliant, are here to provide you with seamless, safe, and efficient EV charger solutions. With CHAS and PAS91 accreditation, trust us for the convenience and peace of mind you deserve while charging your EV. Get ready to embrace the future of eco-friendly transportation with our professional EV services.

Did you know that

  • The District Network Operator (DNO) must give permission before an EV Charger is installed. This includes a suitability and safety check on the size of your electricity incomer. We will manage this for you.
  • The installation must be certified and registered with your local authority building control. As NAPIT accredited Electricians we will do this for you. Without this your building insurance may be invalid and you may have issues when you come to sell your property.
  • OZEV grants are no longer available for privately owned homes but are available for private renters, landlords and social housing providers in certain applications. Please discuss your needs with us. If you qualify for a grant, then we are authorised to administer the OZEV grant for you.
  • OZEV grants for commercial premises. Please call us – If you qualify for a grant then we are authorised to administer the OZEV grant for you.
  • Installation is safety critical. Only ever use OZEV authorised installers who also hold the necessary training and product accreditation for the EV charger being installed. This is critical with important related safety features to consider for different products.
  • The size of your EV charger may be limited by the size of your electrical supply. Therefore, you might be limited to a 7.4KW charger which for most applications is ample for a full charge overnight. Generally, 21KW chargers need a three-phase supply. The DNO will advise us and might even provide you with a free upgrade.
  • We will guide you towards more future proof solutions which can be readily integrated with solar and battery storage solutions.
  • All new EV charger installations must be connected to the internet (SMART). We will only install OZEV compliant products which meet this criteria.
  • Only approved product installers receive the full product warranty and support. This can be up to 5 years depending on the product.
  • Tethered or non-tethered??? This means a cable and socket permanently attached to the car charger or a temporary cable which needs plugging to both the charger as well as the car each time. There are pros and cons and bear in mind that different vehicles have different sockets. Please call us to discuss your requirement.
  • Our installers will set the charger up, all linked to wi-fi and ready to go. Just download the app, enter your charger details and away you go.

How much will my EV Charger cost to install?

Cost will vary depending what type of charger, location and what work is needed to safely connect it to your supply. Our quotation will account for the requirements for your installation and there are no hidden extras on the price we give you. We will provide you a fully documented product, neat and tidy installation, and peace of mind that it is safely installed.

Bear in mind that many of the advertised prices on-line are for cheapest products and often have essential add-ons excluded.

Charging the car

How long will it take?

After placing your order we will ask you for a few details including a photo of your Consumer Unit (fuse box) then we will do the rest for you. We will spend a few hours on the day installing your EV Charger before handing it over for you. It’s that simple.
We will do the leg work of:

  • contacting the DNO
  • ordering your car charger and any associated parts
  • applying for any relevant grants
  • fitting your EV charger
  • commissioning your EV charger
  • Updating local authority building control register
  • Registering your product warranty
  • Providing you with your customer support contacts for your EV charger

Lead time is generally subject to availability of parts and labour. Fitting on the day is straight forward and normally takes 2 – 4 hours.

Other things to consider

How the charger looks may be important to you. There are some great looking products available and some like “Andersen” even offer a range of finishes. Or consider “Hypervolt” which will give you a range of LED lighting effects including “Party Mode”! Product support from your chosen provider can be helpful if you experience technical difficulties. For instance, very occasionally there might be a technical glitch with the software. Our recommended suppliers are very good at resolving these types of problems. Warranties of 3 years or more are also a useful feature. We would recommend that any charger installation should be solar compatible and have advanced features to optimise solar or lower tariffs at certain times of day. There are lots of useful features on the customer apps. These range from being able to monitor energy usage to making your charger available to friends and family. The products which we recommend come with most of these features.

Commercial EV Charging

This is very similar to the process described above. There are also OZEV grants to support infrastructure. In any case, our team will identify and apply for the right grant for your business.

You may wish to discuss commercial charging units which can accept card payments. We can even supply car chargers with your own company branding displayed. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

EV Charging and Maintenance

There is no specific guidance for maintaining EV Chargers at this time. We would recommend a service plan.

Why? You’re EV Charger is a high energy electrical device exposed to the elements and if you’re using it daily it will be subject to a lot of wear and tear.

We recommend an annual service plan to check the following:

  • Software update check
  • Torque setting check of high energy connections
  • Cable integrity checks
  • Charger casing integrity – Check IP rating is not compromised
  • Plug and socket integrity check
  • Safety certificate

Please bear in mind: Your EV charger takes an AC current, converts it to DC then transmits the energy by DC Current to your car. Components repeatedly get hot and cold in and out of operation. Additionally, there is wear and tear from physically connecting and disconnecting as well as the affects of weather.

Experience a safe and effective EV Charger installation. Neat, tidy and fully certified with minimum hassle.